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SSL Security Update Info

SSL certificates are essentially ways of creating encrypted connections in order to establish trust between networks. Because they encrypt data being sent, they can help customers establish trust with a particular company and it's website. Without SSL certificates in place, a website's data transfers are unencrypted which can lead to data leakage. Below, we will be going over some of the main reasons it's important for businesses to utilize SSL updates and to establish a trust for their customer's protection.

What Is SSL?

SSL or 'Secure Sockets Layer' is a standard security technology that is utilized and put in place in order to establish an encrypted data link between both clients and the website server. SSL is something that can encrypt all kinds of sensitive information such as payment information, social security numbers, and even login credentials in order to effectively transmit the information as securely as possible.

It is a protocol that describes how various algorithms should be used. Thus, they can establish and determine the amount of security a website offers. Because of the importance of keeping data secure nowadays, many browsers have enabled a function that offers a prompt to a user if a particular website is insecure. In fact, some browsers even block access to unsecured websites that fail to utilize SSL certificates. Because of this, you must invest in SSL technology if you have a website nowadays. This is especially true if you are going to be taking in sensitive customer data as it is pertinent to both establishing trusts with customers and securing their data sufficiently.

How Does It Work?

An SSL security certificate with an SSL security update works by effectively bridging the gap between a server and browser that someone is using. When a browser attempts to access a particular Maine SEO Expert website that utilizes SSL security, they establish a secure connection through an SSL process that is typically referred to as an SSL handshake. This is something that happens in the backend and is, therefore, something that is not seen by the user.

In order to keep your SSL certificate working properly, you must utilize the SSL security update that will keep your certificate functioning as well as possible. Users now expect to see SSL certificates being used on websites that do not even deal with sensitive data. Therefore, it is wise to invest in SSL security if you have a website.

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